Two-time grammy nominated

songwriter, Musician, vocal

producer and recording

artist Nikki Flores began

her career writing her

first song at just 8 years

old. Her parents, both

musicians themselves,

encouraged her talent by

building her a home

studio in their garage and

allowing her to perform live

every chance she got.

Nikki landed her first break at 16,

signing to Epic Records in 2005. 

She went on to make two full

length albums that were never


After being dropped

from epic, and then being

signed and dropped by major

labels twice more, she turned 

her attention to working 

behind the scenes with other 

artists under the direction

of BMG music publishing.

She found success in songwriting, earning Grammy nominations for her work with legendary rapper Nas and RnB singer Mya. Nikki also found she has a knack for producing and coaching vocalists, spending much of her time recording with artists like Rita ora, keyshia Cole, Daya, and vocal power-house 

JoJo on her new album.


Lending her talents to other projects has never stopped Nikki from creating for herself. In 2016 Nikki quietly and independently released an 

EP - XII XV, which 

debuted on iTunes at #20 with no label or promotion.

Nikki possesses the natural prowess associated with true musicians, 

and the experience and vision of a seasoned artist to back it up;

combination that makes her

a formidable force in today’s

music climate.